History of the BGA

Martin Clarke founded the BGA in 2006 and the reason for its formation was to concentrate on the various Grappling Formats, which have arisen in the last 20 years. Martin was already President of the International Budo Federation GB, which were mainly a Traditional Martial Arts Body and the British Sombo Federation. He was also founder of the CombatSombo system yet none of these systems covered all the different Grappling Styles available to people, so he started the BGA to put many of the different grappling styles under one organisation.

Martin’s main problem was he did not have the time to spend promoting the BGA, although he had many requests from people to take charge but none met his criteria. That was till he re-acquainted himself with Allan Clarkin who was a phenomenal Martial Arts Expert with high grades in many Martial Arts and a specialist in Jiu Jitsu/Kickboxing. Allan had his own Dojo ideal for promoting the BGA and had experience in organising Clubs and events, so it was quite clear that Allan would be the ideal BGA Secretary and Technical Advisor and since his appointment the BGA has advanced in leaps and bounds.

So what can the BGA do for you well we offer Coaching in all types of Grappling including Traditional Jiu Jitsu, membership includes Grading’s, Instructors Certification, Competition and Courses. We offer Individual, Club and Coach Insurance plus we are affiliated to the IBF GB and the BSF the governing body for all forms of Sambo.

Partner clubs

International Budo Federation UK

Judo Club

British Sombo Federation

Combat Sombo

Jujitsu Club

Black Knights

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Contact the BGA

If you are interested in becoming a member please contact Allan Clarkin.

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